-Items to Bring

Items to Bring: 

*Copy of the Book of Mormon - Most Important Item you can bring!
Bike and Helmet (talk to Sis. Ashley Smith if you need a bike as there are a few ward members who have offered to loan theirs out.)

Sleeping Bag or bed roll, pillow
Extra-blanket (optional)
Camp pad (optional)
Soap and Towel
Washcloth (and/or baby wipes)
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Hairbrush, comb, hairbands, clips etc.
Feminine Products
Insect Repellent
Medications (if needed)
Rain Poncho (optional)
Jacket, Sweatshirt, Hoodie (we will provide you a sweatshirt without a hood)
3-4 modest shirts (all tops must have a sleeve - no tank tops - long sleeves good to keep bugs off)
2 pair long pants (though it's hot - this will be a protection to you from insects and critters etc.)
1 pair exercise pants or knee-length shorts for biking and river running activity only (shorts MUST come to your knee or you won't be allowed to participate)
Underclothing and Socks
1-2 pair closed-toed shoes (remember we'll be hiking)
Water shoes for rafting (shoes that can get wet but won't fall off - NO flip flops)
Sunglasses, hat, visor (optional)
Camp Chair (optional)
Backpack or Fanny Pack
Work Gloves for 1 hr. service project on Thursday - light weight gloves should be okay
First-Aid Booklets (from Sis. Prestwich's presentation at YW)

Good Attitude
A little spending money ($5-7) for museum items/snacks and shower (if you want one).  Shower is coin operated $1.25 for 4 min and .25 each for additional minutes. 

Do not wear or bring any scented perfumes or deodorants that might attract critters.

Leave ALL your electronic devices at home (cell phones, ipods etc.) and come and enjoy 3 days of rejuvenation and spiritual renewal by enjoying nature and learning more of nature's God.

We will provide you a little journal notebook and pen.