-Camp Songs

Here are some favorite girls' camp songs:
Teach Me to Walk
Lead Kindly, Light
The Lord is my Light
Sing Your Way Home
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
I Feel My Savior's Love
I am a Child of God
Love One Another

Now the Day is Over
Sing Sing Sing
I Love the Mountains

Oh Shenadoah
Day is Done
You are My Sunshine
When the Saints Go Marching In

Princess Pat
The Bear Song
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Spider's Web
I Love the Mountains
A Child's Prayer
Candle on the Water

Boom Chicka Boom
Sippin' Cider
The Little Canoe
Father Abraham
All Because He Kissed Me Good night
Bumble Bee Song
Mormon Boy
You Are My Sunshine
Let there Be Peace on Earth
Do Your Ears Hang Low
Pink Pajamas
America, America
Rose, Rose
Hungry, Hungry, I am hungry
Love is Spoken Here

Red Wing; Lyrics
     There once was an Indian Maid
A shy little prairie maid
Who sang all day a love song gay
while o'er the plain she whiled away the day
She loved a warrior bold
That shy little maid of old
But then one day her soldier brave
Rode out to join the fray 
Now the moon shines tonight on pretty Red Wing
The breeze is sighing
The night wind crying
While far, far away her brave lies sleeping
While Red Wing’s weeping her heart away 
She watched for him day and night,
she kept all the camp fires bright
And under the skies each night she would lie
And dream about his coming by and by
but when all the braves returned
The heart of Red Wing yearned - for far far away
Her warrior brave, had fallen in the fray 
Repeat Chorus